High Performance Coaching is a principle driven process designed to elevate your physical and mental capacity to be more effective and rise to the challenge when called upon. Whether you’re a Strength coach, Professional athlete or someone who wants to operate at a high level, strength and conditioning and emotional regulation are the key factors you need to unlock the next level of your potential. Ive worked in the high performance space for over 16 years and know what it takes to get people to perform at their best.


Partnering with the Welsh Firefighter Challenge has enabled me to look at the specifics required in the challenge and also the wider work carried out by personnel within the fire service. The information and guides presented on this page will arm you with the knowledge to get yourself in peak physical and mental condition to take on the challenges that you will encounter in the fire service and also in the Welsh and wider UK firefighter challenges.


Please check out my website here to find out more about my coaching method and what I can do for you.


Stay Strong – Tactical athlete

Human First Approach – Fire

Recovery accelerator

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