The Course Challenges

There are a total of 8 challenges in this years Welsh Firefighter Challenge. The challenges are designed to test the fitness and resolve of even the most seasoned firefighter. Each challenge is strictly monitored by our judges and must be followed to the letter.

Challenge 1

50m Run

The Challenger will run 50m to pick up a Cleveland Rolled length of Angus hose.

Challenge 2

50m Hose Carry

The Competitor will pick up a length of Cleveland Rolled Angus Hose and run for 50m

Challenge 3

RTC Tool Carry

The competitor must lift a heavy piece of RTC equipment, carry it for 5m and lift onto the back of the transport, then repeat.

Challenge 4

Corhaven Force

The competitor must keep both feet on the footpads and using the hammer provided hit the weight to the full length of the apparatus.

Challenge 5

50m Hose Drag

The competitor will drag a length of Angus hose with branch attached for 50m.

Challenge 6

Hose make-Up

The Competitor will now need to roll up a 25 metre length of Angus Hose.

Challenge 7

Container Carry

The competitor must now carry 4 x 20kg foam containers over the course of 10 metres to a marked area.

Challenge 8

Dummy Drag

A 70kg drill dummy must now be dragged for 50m. The competition will end when you cross the finish line and land on the crash mats.

Rules & Penalties

Must Compete in own, approved Personal Protective Equipment

We reserve the right to change aspects of the competition without notice.

All competitors must have finished the course within the official time allotted.

Breathing apparatus is provided & must be worn by all competitors.

The decision of The Welsh Firefighter Challenge official is always final.

Non compliance with the rules and regulations will always result in disqualification.

The Details

All competitors must wear structural FF boots, leggings, tunic, and helmet provided by their service. All competitors must allow inspection of their FF kit if requested.

All competitors must register and sign disclaimer.

1) Flaked Hose Carry – The competitor will run from start line to the flaked hose at the 50m mark, the hose must then be carried and placed over the start line. Penalties are for a false start, throwing and not placing the flaked hose on the ground and if any part of the flaked hose is not over the line.

2) RTC Load – Two pieces of RTC equipment to be carried and placed on the back of a Ford Ranger from the 5m mark. Penalties are for dropping the RTC equipment on to the Ranger or hitting the tail gate with the equipment.

3) Corhaven Forced Entry Machine – Competitors are to stand on Corhaven Force machine and hit the weight (no dragging allowed) between their legs along the machine until the referee says to stop. Penalties are for an incorrect strike with the hammer and or striking the machine instead of the weight, the referee will give one warning of ‘STRIKE WARNING’ on first infringement after that penalties will start to be added to the time.

4) Hose Drag 2 lengths of 70mm – Drag the hose 50m and place branch over the line. Penalties for dropping the branch or not placing the branch over the line at end of drag.

5) Hose Make Up Of One Length of 70mm – Competitors are to make up the length of 70mm flat lying hose and place in the box in their lane. Penalties are for not all the hose being in the box before moving to the foam cans.

6) Foam Can Carry – Competitors carry the four 20kg foam cans- two at a time and place them in the tray provided. Penalties will be given if the cans are not upright in the tray.

7) Dummy Drag – Competitors are to drag the 70kg dummy from its starting position to and across the Finish line. Competitors are not allowed to use the neck loop to drag the dummy, time stops when all of the dummy is across the line.

The winner of the race will be the person to complete the course in the quickest time including penalties

All penalties comprise of  5 seconds added to the competitors times.

Referees word is final, no VAR in operation and no friends video footage from phone or other devices